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  1. pissaa

    අයියණ්ඩිය යුනිකො නිව්රෝ වගේ කතාත් අප්ලෝඩ් කරන්නකෝ… අපි ගොඩක් ආසයි ඒ කතා ආයේ කියවන්න…

  2. rangaimaged

    apiwa. aheth.. athithayata.. yanawa me katha dakkiddi.. attatama meka agaya kala yuthu wadak.. niymi. mama Graphic art’s.
    kenek. mama thithra. egana gathe me thitra katha.. balala.. Anisa.. mewa dakkidi.. asimetha sathutak danenawa.

  3. Risidath Edirisuriya

    Really appreciate the Effort , Better if u can display the front pages of the Comic papers with the Days started when there s an opprotubity , most of the current readers are unawre of those
    All the best
    Risidath Edirisuriya

    • comic_lover

      Thank You Very Much for your comment Risidath.
      As for cover pages, there is a separate category for that. But the thing is I like to keep the site clean, so only the cover pages of the stories that is being uploaded in the site are displayed in that category. But in SLCOMICS face book page, you can see some classic cover pages too.

  4. salani

    සිඩ්නිගේ ‘විලම්බීත ලන්තය ‘ පලකරන්න.

  5. Vikum

    Dear editor,
    Somewhere in 1978 (or 77) there was a very strange horror story by the name “Man Mala” (I Died) published
    in “Sithara” paper. It had only about four or five episodes.
    I cant remember the artist’s name, but the art work was exceptionally good. It was ahead of its time. It was a
    real masterpiece, believe me. The story was based on werewolves, and was very scary (I was
    a seven year old at that time). This strange artist never wrote anything else. Nobody
    remembers him. Please, please try to find this and publish it here.

  6. Palitha janaranjane

    මගේ සුදු රැව්ලා අවසානවෙනතුරු ඇඳලා නෑ. එයේ තවත් කොටස් 5 ක් හෝ 6 කින් අවසන් වෙන්නයි තිබුනෙ. නමුත් හදිසි අසනීපෙකින් බැරිවුණා. අලුතෙන් ඇඳලා දෙන්නයි බලාපොරොත්තුව.ටික කාලයක් අවශ්‍ය වෙනවා.එය ඉටු කරන්නම් .

  7. wijewardana

    me katha pala kireemen OBA karanne jathiyatama loku mehewarak. Chitra walata loba bendi aya higa nehe.api hema welema mewata sapot karanawa apita puluwan mattamen. oba ethulu me kariye nirata siyalu denata thunuruwan saranai..

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