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Ninja3_rafiq dean

Ninja3_rafiq dean

*Important* – Few things clarified.

How are you all doing? It has been a while since I posted anything except comic ( I know no body complains about that :) The site has grown leaps and bounds by the number of visitors and this make me work harder to give you the best sri lankan comic experience. At the same time there are few things that I have been always asked by comic fans and I thought I would answer them all in one post as this;

* First, some of you have mistaken that ‘Ceylon comics sinhala chithrakatha’ facebook site is created by me. It is NOT being maintained by me. There are some links of my site that has been shared by the person who maintain that page and that is it. SL-COMICS face book page is also named as slcomics and many of you might be already a member there. if not you can visit ithere. So please do not think that I own all those ‘sathuta’ comics which has been posted in that ‘ceylon comics’ site.

* Next, Many fans ( comic fans who have been reading comics from the 70′s) want to see comics from 70′s or early 80′s. I understand this desire but unfortunately my collection is more or less limited to comics around late 80′s or more recent comics after that except few comics such as ‘Zenro’. Even though I appreciate you write to me asking for these ‘classics’ I can do nothing much about it.

* I know that some of you have comic collections with you and some of you even offer to share them in the site. ( none of those have materialized so far successfully perhaps due to they are away from the country or with busy schedules). If you think that other comic fans will be benefitted by your decision to share your comics then contact me. We can make the site better by offering a variety and also ‘actions speak louder than words’

* Some of you have the knack to ask for MORE. SLCOMICS started with just a 3 or 4 stories and it grew to give you about 10 stories later on. Then I ( even amid my busy schedules) increased ti to about 16 stories which would give you a real comic paper experience. But please do not ask to add more stories than this because it is not practical, possible. The speed of the loading time has be kept in check all the time too.

* I know that stories from some artists are still not published in SL-COMICS. But be patient, when one comic ends there will be another comic starting from a different artist. But please remember that If I have too many stories from a particular artist, then I have to upload more than one story or continuously as his previous comic story ends. ( For example, the most of the stories are from SITHTHARA and SATHSIRI, so obviously there will be many stories from these two papers)

* Finally, Please do share the COVER PAGES or the episodes which you find interesting on Facebook or else click the like button ( the STAR button at the bottom of every story) This gives an ample opportunity for the site to grow and can be done easily WITH YOUR HELP ONLY. I personally get a satisfaction when I am posting for many readers and also it is my aim to get people who have never read sri lankan comics in to the site. Hope you will all make the site more interactive and enjoyable place.

* There will be delays for the site to be updated or sometimes updated too early due to my work schedule. But the site is updated daily so far and hope I can keep up with the pace in the future too. Otherwise I ll have to update the site only in week days since I see most people come to the site on week days.

* If there are new or senior artists, who wants their comics to be published in SLCOMICS, please do contact me on It will always be a pleasure to hear from you all.

Have a great day